help me to thin my code

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help me to thin my code

Postby kain » Tue Sep 14, 2010 3:12 pm

I write vhdl code(a controller for fourth lift) for my homework,bu it use too many gates, how to reduce some gates used in it, thank you for your help

in one component I use the signal---cI2,cu1,cu2.....
ct12<=cL1 and ((cI2 or cu2) or ((cd2)and (not(cu3 or cd3 or cI3 or cd4 or cI4)))) and cdc;
ct13<=cL1 and (not(cI2 or cu2 or cd2)) and ((cI3 or cu3) or (cd3 and (not(cd4 or cI4)))) and cdc;
ct14<=cL1 and (not(cI2 or cu2 or cd2)) and (not(cI3 and cu3 and cd3)) and (cI4 or cd4) and cdc;

in other one component I change the signal---cl2,cu1,cu2,use signal ct12,ct13

if up1='1' then
end if;
if up2='1' then
end if;

when s11 =>
if ct12='1'then

I think this use of signal cost many gates, is it right?and how to thin the code
Thank you
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Postby tricky » Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:31 pm

IT depends what you're refering to.

With modern standards, the design you have posted is extremly small (its still pretty small by old standards).

Is there a gate limit?
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