Case construct problem

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Case construct problem

Postby dethmaShine » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:46 am

I dont know but the following code seams to have some errors:

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//Case construct:
   always @(posedge clk50 or posedge reset)
         flow_trans_Address <= 8'h00;
         flow_trans_Data[7:0] <= 8'h00;
         flow_trans_Data[15:8] <= 8'h00;
         flow_trans_WriteMe <= 8'h00;
         flow_trans_ReadMe <= 8'h00;
            8'h10 : flow_trans_Address[7:0] <= flow_DataIn;
            8'h11 : flow_trans_Address[9:8] <= flow_DataIn;
            8'h20 : flow_trans_Data[7:0] <= flow_DataIn;
            8'h30 : flow_trans_Data[15:8] <= flow_DataIn;
            8'h40 : flow_trans_WriteMe <= flow_DataIn;
            8'h50 : flow_trans_ReadMe <= flow_DataIn;
            default : flow_trans_Address[7:0] <= 8'h11;

The declarations are:
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module flowhandler(clk50,

   input clk50;
   input reset;
   input[7:0] flow_Address;
   input[7:0] flow_DataIn;
   input flow_WriteStrb;
   output flow_trans_Address;
   output flow_trans_Data;
   output flow_trans_WriteMe;
   output flow_trans_ReadMe;
   reg[9:0] flow_trans_Address;
   reg[15:0] flow_trans_Data;
   reg flow_trans_WriteMe;
   reg flow_trans_ReadMe;

The errors are:

The logic for <flow_trans_Address[9]> does not match a known FF or Latch template. The description style you are using to describe a register or latch is not supported in the current software release.
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