Nexys2 Mandelbrot fractal engine.

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Nexys2 Mandelbrot fractal engine.

Postby hamster » Sun May 29, 2011 10:10 pm

I've finished my Mandelbrot fractal view project... features are:

* Calculation core is 12 stage 100MHz pipeline
* Performs equivilent to a single AMD 2.1GHz core in my laptop (both good and bad, depending on your frame of reference)
* 1024x768 @ 60Hz video output
* Currently runs only on Digilent Nexys2 as it requires around 1MB RAM for frame buffer.

Project files and some documentationare on my WIki at:

http://ec2-122-248-210-243.ap-southeast ... Mandelbrot

Just plug in a mouse and VGA...

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