Question about a project I want to work on...

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Question about a project I want to work on...

Postby hackanub » Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:03 am

Hey guys,

First off I'm completely new to FPGAs, and new here as well so please don't eat me. :)

So, I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I want to make sure it can be done so that is why I'm here, asking you folks. To put it simply, I have a Nintendo DS Lite, and Nintendo doesn't supply you with anything to hook your DS Lite up to a TV/monitor so you can play it on the big screen. I want to do this.

Soooo, how do I go about doing it? At this point, all I know is I need an FPGA to get it done. I have NO idea about the wiring or any of that stuff but I am willing to buckle down and work my ass off and learn.

I've always wanted to play my DS on a big screen, in all it's pixelated glory hehe. Is there any advice any of y'all can offer, or any tutorials or anything of the like? I really, REALLY want to do this and I'm doing all the research I can, but I've been unable to find much. Which is why I'm here.

My apologies if I'm not allowed to ask something like this here. If not, please delete this thread right away! Also, my apologies if this topic is in the wrong forum.

So, to make a long description short(er): I have a Nintendo DS Lite, I want to play it on my TV or monitor. I will be using an FPGA to get it done, and I need help. ANY help.

Anything you kind folks can offer me would be much appreciated. I've posted on all kinds of forums, but haven't gotten many replies so this is my last ditch effort.

I really only need the top screen to be displayed on the TV/monitor. If I could get both screens displayed, that'd be a bonus. And no, I don't want to use an emulator. I've been told this is an easy option, but I want to play my LEGIT copies of games on the big screen, and be able to use the DS' wi-fi and all that good stuff. So NO EMULATION! Thanks.

Reference materials:

The FPGA I will be using: ... od=S3BOARD

The Nintendo DS Lite Wiki:

My monitor: ... 6824236047


Once again, I appreciate any and all help! :D
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