How to read data from an FPGA through USB

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How to read data from an FPGA through USB

Postby firoz.dang » Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:25 pm

Hello Everyone,

My project has a requirement for a FPGA Board. We have a design IP which generates data which we want to store in memory and further stream it through an USB or stream it directly through an USB onto a PC. Also, we require software API’s along with the board which enables to read data through the USB and store it into a file or display it as waveforms onto the PC.

Summary of requirements for the FPGA boards:
1) Reading Data from a memory through a USB on the FPGA Board or directly streaming data through the USB on to PC.
2) The necessary software bundles and API references suite to read data through USB and store it in a file or stream real time data through the USB onto a PC.

If there are relevant boards as per the requirements mentioned above, I would be grateful if anyone could please provide further details of boards or provide alternate route to read data from the USB.

Firoz Dang
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Re: How to read data from an FPGA through USB

Postby sushantm » Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:02 am

Hi Firoj,

Thanks for your query!

I think you should have a look for Altera and Xilinx both.
Xilinx is leader in FPGA Market while on the other hand Altera is also good.
If you have some basic requirements then you can go for Altera's CycloneIII Devlopment Kit.
Please have look at Xilinx and Altera both.

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