Touchscreen drink menu on the DE2-70 LCD panel

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Touchscreen drink menu on the DE2-70 LCD panel

Postby vincechi » Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:32 pm

Hi all.

I'm making this project title using the Altera device DE2-70 touch panel (touchscreen), like self service kiosk using by McDonald.

What computer language is support by DE2-70 ? verilog or VHDL?

Project objectives:

1.display text (drink name) and image (drink picture) on LCD panel (touchscreen) . Beside that, this program is operate using LCD panel (touchscreen) by touch on the screen where the text is.

2. calculate the total drink price that have been selected.

3. any example can be refer to?

Thank you for your time, some advise, insights, referrals are highly appreciated
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