how to control a board via jtag?

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how to control a board via jtag?

Postby enriirne » Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:07 pm

Hello to all. A newbie here moving his first steps on hw programming

What I ask: how to send bytes from the board back to the pc
What I have:
- a terasic usb-blaster
- a breadboard
- a max7000 cpld
- an plcc to dil adapter
- leds, cable, resistors, regulators, etc.
- a working jtag connection (I'm able to write simple verilog to the cpld and see leds flashing)
- Altera Quartus II
- a 20 days trial of TopJtag
- a little (too little!) OmniVision camera

My current task is to connect the camera to the cpld, send frames to the pc, build an algorithm for a line-follower robot, then code it in verilog and write the cpld. Or at least, to see when I hit the bounds of this little cpld.
But the first step, as I said, is to talk to the pc. Is there a way to communicate through C or python code with the cpld via jtag?
Should I rather buy an fpga board with an API (like opal kelly)?

Tried: UrJTAG (works, but not a library), OpenOCD (gave up during build, but I can retry), a VDIP2/FTDI module (must find an old flash-disk to write firmware to it)

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