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Hello all.
The first, sorry for my English, I'm very not native.

I'm working in small company. Now we need to download large amount of data to PC. I'm thinking about 100M Bytes peer second. And I'm hope for you advise.

1.The PCIe Mega Core from Altera. What is expected price I would hope?
2.Where I can download “testbench” for PCIe? Is this possibly to simulate enumeration, PnP, etc. Can I write a function something like wtiteToIO, readBurstFromMemory, etc?
3.Is this possibly to evaluate my verilog for PCIe for free without pay money at all? En examples testbenches for SDRAM is totally free.
4.Is anybody have any Idea about how to download config to FPGA on PCIe through PCIe? I have only one idea – external MCU nearby FPGA with external RAM.
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