UDP Sender 100 Mbit Spartan3E

UDP Sender 100 Mbit Spartan3E

Postby Alexgiul » Fri Feb 05, 2010 8:11 pm

Hi People,

I want share with my design because it's very strange...

I have designed an old version which work perfectly (send the same packet in this site) and a new version (I think better), which doesn't send anything...

I made these steps to check out any known errors:

1) compare the waveform from behavioural simulations....result is perfectly the same

2) check the timing for avoid false transition or other strange situations...

After these, the new version doesn't send anything....I haven't understood why and I'm glad to share with you and I hope to find solutions.

I don't know how add the zip archive to this post :)
For any questions contact me alexgiul@hotmail.com

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