Pluto II survived reverse power polarity!

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Pluto II survived reverse power polarity!

Postby gemby » Wed May 30, 2007 7:58 pm

Offcourse, i was in hurry to try it out, grab first power adapter i have find, plug it in TXDI with plutto attached, and nothing....LED-s not glowing....maybe voltage is too low? I take voltmeter, to check voltages, OMG it is reversed!!!! I touched with finger 7805, it was hot, very, very hot! I cut vire, reversed polarity, doublechecked everything (it was about time), around 11 V, plus in the middle, minus outside, ok. But, 7805 on output has only 3,8 volts!? I desloder it, put new one, checked voltages without pluto attached, 5.00! Pluged pluto back in, tried to flash it, and it works! Thank you for great product also suitable for us idiots. :-)
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Postby fpga4fun » Sat Jun 16, 2007 9:14 pm

Happy that the Pluto-II survived.
Thanks for the feedback.
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